Disbeliever turned believer.
I was having lower back and hip pain. The pain was getting so bad I was having trouble walking. I was suffering with this condition off and on since 2006 due to working in the medical field. Took meds but the pain would stop for just for as long as the pain meds worked. I did not believe in Chiropractic care at all and was against it. After recieving treatment here i recommend Chiropractic care over surgery any day. I feel great and I am pain free!!!
Stephanie H.

Trust me, you will feel the difference.
My shoulder, elbow and neck had been bothering me, but just from one visit I noticed the difference. It is amazing! The pain had interfered with my hobbies and work. I have to lift with my hobby as a bodybuilder and with my job in construction. I met his staff at a screening at my gym, and ever since then I have felt amazing. The pain has never returned, and I recommend him to anyone. Trust me you will feel the difference.
Martin R.

Back to Life.
My major complaint is my sinus headaches and pain in my shoulder. I have been suffering with this pain for years. The headaches were incapacitating, shoulder pain prevented me from sports and activities with children. I heard of Dr. Konarik from the Chamber of Commerce. And almost instantly I had relief from both issues. No headaches for me since I have been a paitient and am now able to throw a football & baseball with the kids without pain.
John S.

It saved my life!
PAIN, PAIN, and more PAIN. Â For 2-3 months I had no life. I could not walk, sit, or drive. Dr. Konarik was my only hope. Dr. Konarik saved my life, and I know this for sure. I can walk, I can breathe better. I feel great. Dr. Konarik is the greatest, so glad that my son drove me to his office.
Linda S.

I am now 10 years younger!
After many visits to the MD with complaints of achy fatigue, they found no problem. I met Dr. Konarik at a Chamber of Commerce event. After being treated by him I am now 10 years younger. Â Thank you Doc.
Terry D.

Would refer him to anyone with pain
I have been seeing Dr. Konarik for the last 6 months and have experienced amazing results. With weekly treatments he has been able to greatly reduce my headaches and back pain that I have had for the past few years. Dr. Konarik has been able to keep my headaches away and I highly recommend him to anyone who has experienced problems with their neck, back, legs, etc.
Mike M.

No more missing out on activities
I have had lower back pain & neck pain for many years. I have missed so many activities. My wife told me about Dr. Konarik and I have been sold ever since. My treatment has turned my life around. Thank you Dr. Konarik and staff!
Donnie D.

Not dependent on my cane or scooter anymore!
I could not walk without the aid of my cane, could not lift anything with my right arm and had a sciatic nerve on right side which is very painful. Dr. Konarik was referred to me by a friend, and now I no longer use the cane or the scooter. I can walk better and can lift a gallon of milk from the refridgerator without using both hands. I am very pleased!!
Sydney B.

Migraines running my life
I have had migraines since the fourth grade, the migraines were running my life. I had tried every type of medication out there and nothing worked like Dr. Konarik. Through his treatment my condition has dramatically improved!Â
Nicole M.

For three years I had bad headaches, and while I was pregnant I had hip and back pain. Through the pain of pregnancy I lacked the energy and mobility in the last trimester. After seeing Dr. Konarik, I could do housework and exercise at 9 months pregnant. Even the delivery went smoothly. Dr. Konarik was amazing!!
Amy P.

Living with constant pain
When I first saw Dr. Konarik I was taking pain medication every 4-6 hrs everyday. Now I am happily living without being dependant on pain pills.Â
Bernice N.

Feel like a new woman
Before I saw Dr. Konarik, I was walking on one good leg. Now, I feel like a new woman.
Penny L.